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How to Find a Granite Dealer…
Who is the best dealer in Bolton countertops? That's the question on your mind now that you've made the decision to go with granite. You know the stone is expensive but you also know it has many good qualities. But with such a major investment looming, you are feeling an understandable sense of caution.
The first "rule” is that you do need a dealer. Installing granite is not a do-it-yourself job and must be done by professionals. Given the importance of the stone to your overall kitchen design – and your pocketbook – it makes sense to avoid big box-type dealers, for whom granite is ‘just another building material', because it isn't.
Find an independent dealer with an established reputation who has a good range of granite in stock. Granite comes in an astonishing range of colours and shades. You need to be able to access a respectable colour selection in order to decide what shade will work best in your kitchen. A general rule of thumb is that if the room is dark, with wood cabinets, then go with a light granite. If a modern look is desired, go for a polished stone. And, if there's plenty of natural light, find a rock with real visual interest, as light will pick up speckles and striations.
An independent dealer is far more likely to regard his career in stone as a ‘vocation', and will enjoy talking to you about the advantages of one shade or piece over another. Above all, don't let yourself be hurried. This is a big investment that will last a lifetime and immeasurably add to the value of your home.
Another reason to find a good local dealer is because that dealership will most likely also be installing your countertop. As mentioned, it's not a do it yourself project – granite is just too difficult a stone for that, especially in its slab form.
It also helps to have the dealer involved in the entire process because you must calculate the cost of installation in your purchase. A variety of factors come in to play, including:
  • Removal of existing furniture and countertops
  • Possible removal of flooring, if an island is being added
  • Granite is heavy and sometimes additional support must be built
  • Delivery
  • The actual installation of the product
  • Possible financing options, depending on the size of the job.
The Care and Treatment of Granite
In addition to its higher unit cost, granite does require some maintenance. It will be installed in a sealed state but it must be resealed once every couple of years. Granite is porous and, although a bit of discolouration can actually add to its charm, there is always the danger of a spill damaging its finish. It is strong but regular washing with gentle detergents is advisable.
Again, an ongoing relationship with a dealer is going to ensure the long-term viability of your countertop. Remember, independent dealers who rely on their reputations are more dependable and knowledgeable. It's in their ongoing best interest that your Bolton countertop become the talk of the town!
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